1913 "Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged"; John Wiley & Sons publishers, New York; hardbound in heavy-weight paper, 508 pages plus Catalogue at end of book; many illustrations and a number of fold-outs; very good condition with unmarked pages, except for original owner's name (nice cursive) inside front; no dust jacket.


description -

Compressed air plant for mines the production, transmission and use of compressed air, with special reference to mine service.


From Preface to the First Edition:

The increasing use of compressed air makes the subject of interest to practioners in nearly all branches of engineering.  Besides its more important power applications, such as the operation of rock-drills, air brakes, riveting machines, and railroad switching and signalling systems, the uses of compressed air are numerous in many minor branches of mechanical engineering, in caisson work and the construction of subaqueous foundations, and in manufacturing industries...


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