2010 paperback; autographed by Scott Cook inside front cover "Love our Gorge, Scott Cook"; very good condition with unmarked, clean pages.


Description -

Curious Gorge is the Columbia River Gorge's FAVORITE hiking and exploring guidebook. Just ask any Gorge local and they'll tell you to get Curious Gorge!! This book has all the popular hikes such as Eagle Creek, Dog Mtn, Beacon Rock, etc...but, unlike typical "hiking" guides...Curious Gorge also details lesser-known attractions such as viewpoints, waterfalls, caves, local museums, historic relics, etc etc. This book will enhance every trip into the Gorge with perspective and insights gained from 20 years of gorge exploring. if you get one of those other mass-produced hiking/touring guides...it'll be you who misses out on the true wonders around every corner of this wondrous landscape. Get Curious and go explore!!

Curious Gorge by Scott Cook

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