copyright 1965; Wagner Car Company publishers, Cincinnati, Ohio; spiral bound; very good condition with unmarked pages.


Description -

Thoroughly illustrated on every page with b&w photographs, plus a color frontispiece. Subtitled "Railway Cars of Distinctive Lightweight Design Built in the 1920s Becoming Popularly Known as 'Rubber Stamp Trolleys'." Data is from records kept by Cincinnati Car Company. Includes photos of blueprints, trucks, partially-assembled cars, cars in service, vintage advertisements. Railways covered include Kentucky Traction, Toledo & Western, Portsmouth Street, City Railway (Dayton), Dayton Springfield & Xenia Southern, Deering Southwestern, Northampton Transit, Cincinnati Georgetown, Cincinnati Traction, Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee, Maumee Valley Railway, Monongahela Power, Cleveland Southwestern, Knoxville Railway & Light; Conestoga Traction, Wheeling Traction, Ohio River Electric, Princeton Power, West Penn, Toledo & Indiana, Buffalo & Erie, Niagara St. Catherines & Toronto, Atlanta Northern, Stark Electric, Indianapolis & Southeastern, Beech Grove Traction, Dayton & Troy. A beautiful resource compiled by a true aficionado of early 20th century local railways.

Curved-Side Cars Built by Cincinnati Car Company by Wagner

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