2000 1st edition (mfg. code 10-1); G.P. Putnam's Sons publishers, New York; hardbound in steel blue and plum boards with metal foil lettering on cover and spine; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good.


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A death in Brooklyn sends reverberations around the world in Jack Higgins's thrilling new adventure.

Higgins's novels of honor, bravery, and irresistible intrigue delight millions of readers every year, but few of his books pack the sheer narrative power of Day of Reckoning.

Journalist Katherine Johnson made the mistake of getting too close to the secrets of international crime boss Jack Fox -- but Fox made the mistake of killing her. Katherine's ex-husband is Blake Johnson, head of the clandestine White House department known as The Basement, and with the President's permission, the former FBI agent is about to take revenge. Wherever the money trail leads -- New York, England, Ireland, the Middle East -- Johnson and his Irish colleague, Sean Dillon, plan to hit Fox where it hurts the most, by cutting his illegal businesses to shreds, until Fox stands defenseless before his enemies.

But Fox did not become powerful by letting his enemies get that close. If Johnson and Dillon want to take him on, they will have to face his own brand of revenge. And it is a revenge every bit as deadly as their own.

Day of Reckoning is brilliant suspense -- the master working truly at the height of his powers.

Day of Reckoning by Jack Higgins

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