copyright 1967; Personal Christianity publishers, Baldwin Park, California; smaller hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket good with minor edge wear - see pics.


Description -

A four step plan for working with the Holy Spirit to deal directly with satan and put him to flight.


C.S. Lovett notes -

For the first twenty years of my Christian life, no one told me about Satan. I didn't dream that there was a personal devil, any more than I had previously believed Jesus was a personal Savior. How could I know there were spiritual mechanics for defeating him just as there are mechanics for receiving Christ? I didn't know there was anything I had to do about Satan to defeat him any more than I knew I had to do to something about Jesus to be saved. No pastor, no professor at seminary, no friend in Christ ventured to explain our greatest enemy-Satan. I have learned a wonderful, practical way to deal with him.


You can't imagine what it is like when Satan flees! It is glorious! Yes, he comes back and there is no bottom to his bag of tricks, but what a fantastic moment when he flees from you as you send him on his way in the power of the Holy Spirit! If you haven't tasted this awesome privilege in Christ, you must! You need to learn this skill to be a conquering, successful Christian in this evil world! I don't want any Christian, God allows me to reach, to go through this life without knowing the thrill of that moment. I have found it to be the key to victory in the Christian life. My motive for writing this book is for you to know how to have victory over Satan. It is not a devotional manual. It is not Godward, but Satanward. If you find a point or two which appear to be upsetting, please believe I want only for you to regard Satan as your personal enemy and to equip you with a means for resisting and defeating him. After reading this book, you'll never be able to say, "no one ever told me about Satan!"


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