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1920 1st year edition; Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and Boston; by Rupert Hughes "Profusely Illustrated"; large hardbound in pictoral boards with gilt stamp lettering on cover and spine (spine is faded); quite good condition with unmarked pages except for gift inscription on front page "To Clinton From Aunt Stella, 12-25-22"; wonderful drawings and illustrations; no dust jacket issued.


Description -

Chapter I.  FIELD AND TRENCH ORDEALS -- "And a few marines" : eyewitness account of the Belleau Wood action in the Marne Salient beginning June 6th, 1918 -- "Forward, lancers!" : and Captain Grenfell's cavalry troops lived over "the Charge of the Light Brigade" -- An unparalled hero : the Church elder and champion turkey-shooter who killed 25 Germans and captured a machine gun battalion -- The nemesis of flame : a vision of inferno from which even a Dante would have shrunk--"what hell must be like" -- He jests at scars : a bomb thrower and tank master who "paid his way in Huns" -- Epic of the Foreign Legion : its wonderful story will stand as one of the vital things of the war -- "Doc" of the Fifth : the conversion of the Rev. J. H. Clifford, "Y" worker, into a hero among marines -- Couldn't stop them : thro' Turkish shells and barbed-wire sea they landed at Gallipoli -- One of our boys : a California youth of heroic soul who gave his life to England -- Guthrie of the Kilties : the first Canadian to enlist came back with scars of twenty-two wounds -- Not so unspeakable : a Turk whose sense of humor made the Tommies his friends in Gallipoli -- The medical corps : though the reports are all too few every doctor was a hero -- Some Red Cross weaklings : Captain Bobo and his buddies weren't good enough for the doctors -- "Eh! Mon, 'twas grand!" : A Braw Hieland laddie's impressions of what happened when "we were over the top like a lot of dogs let loose" -- One survived : an episode of the Gallipoli campaign typical of the fighting -- Tank-man talks : he found the little fellows to his taste but didn't care for heavies -- The Garibaldi code : "to be ready ever to fight for the cause they think is right" -- The bald facts : a story of the trenches by one who knew them at their worst -- O'Leary stepped in : and faith, never a Dumas hero, was a marker to this sergeant of the Irish Guards -- When the Yanks went in : the story of the first American soldiers to go it alone in banging the Huns -- Humor and heroism : glimpses of the sunnier side of the men who played with death -- England's Indian warriors : who made up the Indian army; and some V. C. heroes -- A lively introduction : an ambulance man's first twenty-four hours at the Front Well diversified -- "A valiant gentleman" : so comrades named Dick Hall, one of the first of ours to die -- Where denominations end : a Christian priest who was a hero too found they vanished at the front -- "Buckeyes" or "spearheads" : how the Ohio doughboys managed to pick up a new nickname in France -- Corporal Holmes' way : and a right good way to win the V. C. and the hearts of men -- Not dead but fighting : Jim Gardner quit the trolley to do his bit and did it thoroughly -- When the light failed : one soldier tells what it is like to have eyes shot out -- The "cloud of blacks" : terrible effect of a charge of Senegals upon German officer's [sic] sensibilities -- Hubbell bagged 'em : a lone corporal captures 31 of the enemy in a morning frolic -- Was he a coward? : the singular confessions of a Hollander who gave his life for France -- Two heroes of Hill 60 : Oxford graduate and green-grocer's assistant win their spurs in the same crisis -- Colonel Freyberg, V. C. : a New Zealand soldier with the qualities of a Fenimore Cooper hero -- One of the D. S. C. men : an act of heroism and martyrdom that hardly may be matched -- Colored troops reach the Rhine : though they had more than their share of trouble to get to France -- Good old Potts : one of the men the British took to Gallipoli to show their grit -- It was up to Bill : and in spite of regulations and red tape the old sergeant got to France and into the front lines -- The rendezvous : one of America's young poets keep a tryst while fighting for France -- Staying to the end : how a handful of Russian "madmen" held the fort until they were wiped out -- Without the glamour : a lieutenant of the Royal Irish Fusiliers that stormed Ginchy paints war's horrors in vivid language -- Big Adam's hare soup : how the Scotch snipers fortified themselves against a German attack at dawn -- A "blue grass" Canadian : Sergeant McClintock was brave enough to confess war has its scare -- Mistress "Razzle-Dazzle" : a rampageous, self-willed old thing fondly remembered by her non-commander -- The painter-soldier : though exempt by age the love art deepened bade him fight for France

Chapter II.   WOMEN WHO DARED -- Edith Cavell--martyr-heroine : the English nurse whose tragic heroism and secret execution made Germany's defeat more certain -- A Picardy heroine : the story of Marcelle Semmer, who held up the advance of a German army corps -- Girls of the "battalion" : Russian women who gave splendid proof that soldierly valor knows no sex -- Her ambulance unit : an English woman's contribution was her fortune and the daily risk of her life -- A true heroine : the type of woman from which fate fashions Jeannes D'Arc -- A heroine of humanity : this young Englishwomen risked death in a hideous form to save the lives of others

Deeds of Heroism and Bravery: The Book of Heroes and Personal Daring

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