copyright 1910 Die Bibel: German language bible translated from the Hebrew and Greek by D. Martin Luthers; Stuttgart, Germany; heavier hardbound (3 lbs., 11 ounces); quite good condition: boards in very good condition with gilt stamp decoration on front cover and spine; very minor foxing of pages; one small spot along binding inside - see title page; short cut of one table of contents page; gilt leaf page edges still good; overall, a very good condition German Bible translation by D. Martin Luthers.


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The most important and influential translation of the Bible into German is the Luther Bible, completed in 1534. It was the first translation (mainly) from the original Hebrew and Greek and not translated from the Latin Vulgate. The influence that Martin Luther's translation had on the development of the German language is often compared to the influence the King James Version had on English.

DIE BIBEL (D. Martin Luthers Bible in German)

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