2012 1st edition (mfg. code 10-1); Penguin Group publishers; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; very minor wear on front cover (see pics); full of wonderful pictures and illustrations.


Description -

The Official Doctionary was a reference book by Justin Richards aimed at the younger reader with short paragraphs on a range of topic that are organised under various categories written from the viewpoint of the Eleventh Doctor referencing the more recent years of Doctor Who, from Rose 2005 up to The Big Bang in 2012.


Publisher's Summary -

The Doctor likes to talk. A lot. About anything and everything and frequently about things that make no sense to mere human brains. Here he explains some of the trickier concepts of time, space, Time Lord technology and the mysteries of the universe. This Doctor's dictionary is invaluable for budding time travellers and intergalactic companions.

Doctor Who: The Official Doctionary

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