copyright 1948; "Being a True and Scandalous Account of the Barbarous Civilization, Licentious Morals, Crude Manners and Depravities, Inclement Climate and Niggling Resources, Together with Various Other Offensive and Calamitous Details of Life in the Golden State"; The Bobbs-Merrill Company publishers, Indianapolis, New York; autographed by both editors: Lucius Beebe and Charles M. Clegg inside front cover - see pic; smaller hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket not good, with numerous edge issued - see pics.


Description -

Hinton Helper found California’s morals to be low and its divorce rate high. He even hated the weather. Yet, it is a remarkable achievement to write an entire book excoriating California and not once mention earthquakes. This strident man did not see the humor in much, but fortunately, we do. Lucius Beebe is also in on the joke in this condensed version of a book first published just after the gold rush. Beebe’s droll footnotes transform earnest polemic into fun satire.

Dreadful California by Hinton Helper

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