1983 edition; "All the Short Stories..."; Chatham River Press, New York; thicker hardbound; 704 pages; very good condition with unmarked pages; leather covers have bold gilt lettering and decor.



  • MS. Found in a Bottle;
  • Berenice;
  • Morella;
  • Some Passages in the Life of a Lion (Lionizing);
  • The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaall;
  • The Assignation (The Visionary);
  • Bon-Bon;
  • Shadow: A Parable;
  • Loss of Breath: A Tale Neither In not Out of "Blackwood";
  • King Pest: A Tale Containing an Allegory;
  • Metzengerstein;

many more....

EDGAR ALLAN POE, Greenwich Unabridged Library Classics

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