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by Clare Boylan; copyright 2004; Emma Brown, A novel from the unfinished manuscript by Charlotte Bronte; Clare Boylan; 2004 stated First American Edition; book and dust jacket excellent condition; Viking publishers.


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Emma is the title of a manuscript by Charlotte Brontë, left incomplete when she died in 1855.  It was completed by Clare Boylan and published as Emma Brown in 2003.


Charlotte Bronte's death in 1855 deprived the world of what might have been her master-piece.  The twenty unfinished manuscript pages about a lost young girl - which signaled her most compelling work since Jane Eyre - sat in waiting for almost 150 years until Irish novelist Clare Boylan decided to finish it.  This electrifying, atmospheric tale allows Bronte's tantalizing fragment of a novel, at last, to blossom.

EMMA BROWN, a novel from the unfinished manuscript by Charlotte Bronte

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