1914 "August 1914" stated on copyright page; The Macmillan Company publishers, New York; smaller hardbound in fine textured blue boards with vivid gilt stamp lettering on spine; very good condition with unmarked pages; no dust jacket.


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This book is one of the English Men of Letters series. Emerson leaves a double image on the mind that has dwelt long upon his memory. He is a shining figure as on some Mount of Transfiguration; and he was a parochial man. To Emerson himself his life was of one piece, and seemed so, because he looked on it from a point within, from that center of integrity upon which his being revolved as a personal law unto itself. The main sources for this biography are James Elliot Cabot's "Memoir" and E.W. Emerson's "Emerson in Concord." These, together with Emerson's works, afford the basis of the present volume.

English Men of Letters, Ralph Waldo Emerson by George Edward Woodberry

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