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copyright 1941; D.C. Heath and Company publishers, Boston; smaller hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages, except for previous owner's name inside cover (pencil); nice color illustrations; no dust jacket.


Excerpt from Exploring the Jungle -

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to go exploring. Indian stories fascinated me. Reading about the Indians I learned to admire their loyalty, bravery, and skill in hunting and fishing. I always wanted to visit primitive Indians and live among them.

My husband has been an explorer most of his life. He has shot lions in Africa; the skin of one of them is stretched on the floor of his room. The more my husband told me of his experiences, the more eager I was to go.

So you can imagine how excited I was when my husband received a commission from a museum to collect Indian handicraft. From among the primi tive Indian tribes who live in the jungle of British Guiana, we were to collect pottery, beads, feather ornaments, bows and arrows, blowguns, and other articles of ornament and use.

Exploring The Jungle by JoBesse McElveen Waldeck

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