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The author was the late Ambassador to the German Imperial Court. This is a continuation of his book My Four Years in Germany and the narrative here takes him up to his return home.


Contents: Personality of the Kaiser and Something of the King Business; Who Does the Kaiser's Thinking and Who Decided on the Break with America?; Who Sank the Lusitania?; The Kaiser and Lese-Majeste; When the Kaiser Thought We Were Bluffing; The Inside of German Diplomacy; Germany's Plan to Attack America; Germany's Early Plots in Mexico; The Kultur of Kaiserdom-The German Soul; The Little Kaisers; Royalty's Recreation; The Eternal Feminine; Home Life and Brutality of the People; Aims of the Autocracy; Austria-Hungary-The Kaiser's Vassal State; German Influence on the Northern Neutrals; Switzerland-Another Kind of Neutral; A Glimpse of France; My Interview with the King of Spain; German Spies and Their Methods; En Route Home-Kaiserism in America; That Interview with the Kaiser; The Future Kaiser-The Crown Prince and His Brothers; When Germany Will Break Down; The Errors of Efficient Germany; President Wilson and Peace; and After the War.

Face To Face With Kaiserism by James W. Gerard

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