1875; Harper & Brothers publishers, New York; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; many historic illustrations of the time; minor ageing of pages; appears to be former library book based on the sticker inside but still very good; no dust jacket.


from Preface -

The "Farm Ballads" [previous book] have met with so kind and general a reception as to encourage the publishing of a companion volume.


In this book, also, the author has aimed to give expression to the truth, that with every person, even if humble or debased, there may be some good, worth lifting up and saving; that in each human being, though revered and seemingly immaculate, are some faults which deserve pointing out and correcting; and that all circumstances of life, however trivial they appear, may possess those alternations of the cosmic and pathetic, the good and bad, the joyful and sorrowful, upon which walk the days and nights, the summers and winters, the lives and deaths, of this strange world...

FARM LEGENDS by Will Carleton

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