1976 "First published in the United States of America in 1976"; St. Martin's Press publishers, New York; hardbound; Book Club Edition; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good.


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From the hundreds of pilots who fought bravely during WWII, the author has selected 14 men who were legends in their own time & who showed individual characteristics that set them apart from all others. Jackson has selected pilots from England, America, Canada, Germany, Japan, & Russia for this exciting collection: Paddy Finucane, one of the greatest & youngest leaders to rise to fame in the RAF; Bob Johnson, the Thunderbolt pilot who helped pioneer long-range missions into Germany; Charles MacDonald, whose fighter group took the war to the Japanese; George Beurling, the rebel whose first love was air combat; Richard Stevens, the hunter without mercy; Frank Carey, who fought 3 campaigns against enormous odds; Johnnie Johnson, who stalked with calculating skill; Adolf Galland, whose greatest battles were fought against his superiors; plus Erich Hartmann, Werner Molders, Jochen Marseille, Saburo Sakai, & Ivan Kozhedub.

Fighter Pilots of World War II by Robert Jackson

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