1996 "First Edition" stated on copyright page; William Morrow and Company publishers, New York; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good.


Description -

Leonard Land is a seven-foot-tall, completely hairless computer genius, wired to the cyber-punk subculture of Death Metal and Satan worship. He is also a twisted, multipersonality maniac who is systematically murdering women. When he is The Rat, he is smart and cunning; when he becomes The Wind Minstrel, he is God and the Devil. The Rat only covets women; The Wind Minstrel possesses them.

Hot on Land's trail is a formidable, if unlikely, trio of heroes: John Lockwood - a renegade U.S. Customs agent who never met a rule he didn't break or a regulation he didn't violate; Karen "Awesome" Dawson - a beautiful and brainy forensic psychologist who never met a challenge she couldn't overcome; and Malavida Chacone, a street-wise master hacker who never met a computer program he couldn't crack.

They pursue their quarry through the convoluted corridors of cyberspace and deep into the Florida swamps. But when Land discovers who has been infiltrating his programs, his nemesis becomes his prey. The hunters are now the hunted, and they must stop Land before he claims...the Final Victim.

Final Victim, a novel by Stephen J. Cannell

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