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copyright 1926; The Bobbs-Merrill Company publishers, Indianapolis; hardbound; good condition with very minor fading of pages; boards good with minor fading; no dust jacket.


description -

Twice in his life a woman asked Lancelot for his love. Two very different women, both named Elaine. But as the world knows, Lancelot cared for no woman except Guinevere. The second Elaine tried her best to get Lancelot to marry her, or at the very least be her paramour. From these two things, Lancelot excused himself, all the while thinking of his younger years and the other Elaine, King Pelles' daughter. She too had offered herself, heart and body, and though at first he had said no, in the end he tired of saying it. Galahad was their son. And so begins the story of Galahad.

GALAHAD, Enough of His Life to Explain His Reputation by John Erskine

SKU: BS149
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