copyright 1948, second edition (1st edition was 1938); McGraw-Hill Book Company publishers; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; front black page previously had sticker removed; great illustrations and drawings; no dust jacket.


Description -

The history of maps. Scales and projections. Special cartography. Official and professional maps. Cartographic specialties. Science maps.


Introduction -

The Earth's Pattern.  "Like an ant upon a rug", says P.E. James, "man may know very exactly the nature of the fabgric near by, but the general design is beyond his range of vision.  In order to reduce the larger patterns of the face of the earth to such proportions that they can be comprehended in a single view, the geographer makes use of a map."  In these words he states the essential problem of cartography, or the making of maps.

General Cartography by Erwin Raisz

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