1990 1st edition; Maxwell Macmillan Pergamon Publishing Corp., Washington; hardbound in tan and rust boards with bold black lettering along spine; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good; wonderful black and white glossy photos - note: one photo has a small tear.


Description -

God's Samurai is the unusual story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the career aviator who led the attack on Pearl Harbor and participated in most of the fiercest battles of the Pacific war. A valuable record of major events, it is also the personal story of a man swept along by his times. Reared in the vanished culture of early twentieth-century Japan, war hero Fuchida returned home to become a simple farmer. After a scandalous love affair came his remarkable conversion to Christianity and years of touring the world as an evangelist. His tale is an informative, personal look at the war "from the other side."


"The incredible story of Mitsuo Fuchida, the career naval aviator who not only led the air attack on Pearl Harbor, but participated in most of the fiercest battles of the Pacific. One of the very few second-echelon Japanese officers to serve through the entire war (including Midway, the Marianas Turkey Shoot, and Leyte Gulf), Fuchida narrowly escaped death in a jungle crash, was in Hiroshima the day before and the day after the atomic bombing, played a dramatic role in squelching a coup d'etat, and was even aboard the 'Missouri' at the surrender ceremonies. Fuchida's presence in the Pearl Harbor strike force's command center during the fateful debate about whether to launch a third wave and his attendance at Emperor Hirohito's post-attack briefing shed new light on some of the enduring controversies of the war, including Hirohito's role. In his dozens of conversations with Gordon Prange, (he) also drew a memorable portrait of his mentor, the great Admiral Yamamoto, and his account of the Tokyo war crimes trials and the Occupation vividly evokes the somber atmosphere of a defeated nation."

God's Samurai, Lead Pilot at Pearl Harbor by Gordon W. Prange

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