1998 copyright "First published in Great Britain in 1998" stated on copyright page; "Printed in Italy"; landscape size hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good.


Description -

A record of great shipwrecks and the circumstances that surrounded them - Covers all types of ships from sailing vessels to warships, whalers, oiltankers and passenger ships - Mary Celeste - Mary Rose - Exxon Valdez - Batavia - Titanic - Torrey Canyon - Voyager.


Illustrations on every page, many full page, full color--photographs, copies of newspaper and magazine articles, drawings. Pictorial laminate binding. Titanic on front of book and jacket; fishing boat on back of book and jacket. 


Great Sea Disasters looks at the darker side of sea travel throughout history, when technology or seamanship failed to safeguard the crew, and tragedy occurred. It examines in words and over 80 highly charged pictures the accidents which have shocked the world. Vessels include Galleons, Historic Sailing Vessels, Steam Ships, Passenger Liners, Warships and Submarines, Ferries and Riverboats, Oil tankers and Cargo Ships, Whalers and Fishing Boats, Lifeboats and Yachts, Mysteries surrounding some of the disasters, Survival and Rescue. 96 pages with index.

Great Sea Disasters by Neil Wilson

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