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1987; Gary Machado - coarthur; Bull Publishing Company, Palo Alto, California; softcover with pictoral ends; good condition with unmarked pages.


Description -

Biography of "Alcatraz's youngest guard" background material on "The Rock" and its notorious inmates.This is a true story a story that could only be told by someone who was there.contents include:


From Pelicans to penitentiary - I was there, A very brief history, The gangster era, Open for business ---


Frank - The youngest guard, Applying for the job ---


Arrival / Physical Description of Alcatraz - What I found, Entering through the security system, Hanging on to my job, Intimidation, The prison itself, Dungeons, Solitary confinement and Isolation ---


Life of a Prisoner --- The new prisoner, The daily routine, Exercise yard, Sahving, reading, movies, services, violence, holidays, candy and cigarettes, meals, billies, handcuffs, blackjacks, Cellhouse Lawyers, The real terror of Alcatraz ---


Running Alcatraz --- employees, Guard's life, Counts, Tier duty, The Towers, Attention to detail, Contraband, Drugs and sex, Dealing with the crazies, The Bars, Disciplinary measuers, Running the movies, Visitors, Sick Call, Nicknames ---


Notorious Prisoners --- Machine Gun Kelly; Floyd Hamilton; Clarence Carnes; Charles Berta; Creepy ( Alvin ) Karpis; The Nazis; Murder Incorporated; Harmon Waley; Roy Gardner; Basil Banghart; John Paul Chase; Cecil Wright; Al Capone; Robert Stroud (The Birdman ); The Prisoner Mentality --- Demonstrations and Escapes ---


Demostrations; Early Escape Attempts; The Blast-Out; Escape From Alcatraz; The Last escape ---


Afterword - The Death Penalty; Severity of Sentencing; Was Alcatraz Necessary?

INSIDE THE WALLS OF ALCATRAZ by Frank Heaney, Alcatraz's Youngest Guard

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