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1965; Intern by Doctor X, Hardback, 1965 first edition, very good condition, no dust cover.


Description -

"This book is a journal of the most critical year in the training of a present-day doctor of medicine:  the year that he spends as a hospital intern.  At the very start, I should make clear what I mean by journal.  This is not a memoir or a recollection, but an actual diary, recorded on tape a bit at a time, day by day and week by week, throughout the year of my internship."


goodreads review -

The week-by-week diary of a young doctor during his year of hospital internship. Frank, sometimes shocking, and completely honest, it is the first inside account of modern medical and hospital practice that has ever been presented to the American public.

Intern gives the reader a gripping picture of hospital routine, of the exhaustion that round the clock duty inflicts, of the conflicts, incredible blunders, frantic improvisations, heroic efforts that occur every day....

...This is an unprecedented document. Every event is completely true; only actual names and places have been concealed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.



INTERN by Doctor X

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