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1975 "First printing: November 1975" stated; Fawcett Publications, Greenwich, Connecticut; paperback with decorative covers; quite good condition with minimal fox ageing - see pics.


Description -

The cover describes this as "Selected cartoons from You've Come A Long Way, Charlie Brown, vol I"


Book Review -

A fun collection, coming from the early 70s, this picks up at Valentines day and includes Woodstock getting his name, Snoopy declaring that ‘anyone who returns from a long trip should be greeted with a beagle hug’, Peppermint Patty revealing her concern that ‘Chuck’ has a crush on her and a run of Snoopy as a supermarket check-out clerk. But all the time, it’s the beauty and pathos of Charlie Brown’s lonesome life, from his lack of success with baseball to his existential dilemmas over the little red-headed girl, that keep you coming back for more and bearing in mind these strips are forty years old, they seem to be talking about the present day. The book I read was a 1977 Coronet edition, which means a lot to me since those were the books my late sister used to collect and it’s a delight to get hold of them again. Anyway, this is as wonderfully done as ever and very highly recommended.

IT'S ALL YOURS, SNOOPY by Charles M. Schulz

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