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"The Battle of the Little Bighorn and the Fate of the Plains Indians"; W.W. Norton & Company publishers, New York, London; "First Edition" stated; hardbound with red and black boards; very decorative dust jacket; dust jacket appears somewhat stuck to boards but unless messed with is fine but does cover a portion of the inside cover map (book is discounted because of this); see pics.


Author -

James Phillip Welch Jr. (November 18, 1940 – August 4, 2003), who grew up within the Blackfeet and A'aninin cultures of his parents, was a Native American novelist and poet, considered a founding author of the Native American Renaissance. His novel Fools Crow (1986) received several national literary awards, and his debut novel Winter in the Blood (1974) was adapted as a film by the same name, released in 2013.


In 1997 Welch received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native Writers' Circle of the Americas.


Chapter 1 -

"On August 17, 1869, a young Pikuni warrior, Owl Child, led his small gang of dissidents under cover of darkness to the ranch of Malcolm Clarke, a man who had accumulated much wealth by trading witht he Blackfeet for over thirty years.  Clarke, known as Four Bears, was a respected man among the whites of Montana for having opened up trade with a tribe that possessed the reputation of being the most fearsome on the northern Great Plains.  Unlike the Sioux, the Cheyennes, the Arapahos, the Crow, the Assiniboins, the Crees, and the Gross Ventres, the Pikunis, the southernmost tribe of the Blackfeet Nation, did not tolerate the earlier Americans who came west to trap, to trade, to settle among them..."

Killing Custer by James Welch with Paul Stekler

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