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copyright 2009 "First Edition, First Printing" stated; autographed by Archie Boston on title page; many historic photos and illustrations; hardbound; very good as-new condition; dust jacket very good.


description -

Lil Colored Rascals in the Sunshine City is based on a true story. This story is about a mischievous fat-mouth kid, Flea Parrot, and the place where he grew up, Robinson Court, a housing project in Saint Petersburg, Florida. St. Petersburg is located in the central part of Florida, on the West Coast bordering the Gulf of Mexico. The city is called, The Sunshine City, and Florida, The Sunshine State.


The Colored folk's section was on the south side of the City. The Colored folks called the city, The Burg. Robinson Court was called The Neck. Flea's world was the Colored section on the south side in The Neck. There was pain and suffering in The Neck, but the good times far exceeded the bad. I used the real nicknames of the children that were featured in this story. Flea was as roguish as a kid could be. A real rascal.


This story should answer questions from anyone that ever wondered what it was like growing up Colored in a small town in the Deep South. This book will tell about how Flea and his buddies had a lot of fun segregated in the Colored section of a retirement Mecca from 1948 to 1958. This story is about Colored people, but is also for people of all races, especially those who may not have been exposed to many African Americans, or have not heard about how Colored people lived in the Sunshine City back in the day.

LIL' COLORED RASCALS IN THE SUNSHINE CITY by Archie Boston, Professor Emeritus

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