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copyright 1999 "First published in 1999" stated; "Interpreting Research on Complex Social Issues"; Quorum Books publishers, Westport, Connecticut; hardbound; very good, almost as-new condiiton, with unmarked pages; includes a personal printed note inside front (pic) to friends "Carol & Rich"; no dust jacket.


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Reviews crucial research on the marijuana/workplace debate and gives organization decision makers the analytical tools they need to formulate sound policy for their own workplaces.


If sound policy is to be made on the issue of marijuana in the workplace, all available empirical evidence about its impact on job performance should be utilized in the decision process. Although a substantial amount of relevant research has been done, the results published in journals in widely divergent fields, are not easily summarized and present no single, simple message for decision makers. Schwenk and Rhodes offer a unique review of this complex body of work and challenge the many highly publicized but scientifically unsound mythical numbers touted as supporting various policy options. The authors provide a clear and objective presentation to managers on how to evaluate the evidence for themselves and make sound decisions for their own organizations.

MARIJUANA AND THE WORKPLACE by Charles R. Schwenk and Susan L. Rhodes

SKU: BS224/140
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