copyright 1890 "Translated from the French, Second Edition"; Porter & Coates publishers, Philadelphia; hardbound; boards in very good condition with elegant embossed design and vivid gilt on cover and spine; pages are quite good condition and unmarked; inside first (blank) page is partially detached from binding.



THE character of the Duchess of Orleans is one of such remarkable loveliness, and shines with such radiant lustre in the midst of the French Court, and in the subsequent trials to which she was subjected after the downfall of Louis Philippe, that it is worthy of the most careful study. While translating her most interesting Memoir by the Marquess de H ——, which had such well-deserved success in France and England, another work upon the same subject and of additional interest, by her tutor, Prof. de Schubert, fell into my hands. The style of the two authors is so different, and her character looked at from such different points of view, that it has been deemed advisable to unite the two Memoirs in one volume, for the reason that the originals are not likely to fall into the hands of the general reader.


The following interesting account of Prof. de Schubert and his Life of the Duchess may be found in Monsieur Girard's preface to his able French translation: — "In 1816, Prof. de Schubert was appointed preceptor to the children of the Duke of Mecklenburg Schwerin. Endowed with a superior mind, extensive information, and a profoundly religious and sympathetic character, he needed...

Memoir of the Duchess of Orleans by Marquess De H---

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