1930; "The Authorized American Edition"; Frederick A. Stokes Company publishers; Book in quite good conditon (see pics); no dustcover.



The Memoirs from which this book is taken appeared in 1829, under the nominal editorship of Lamothe-Langnon.  Though written as autobiography, it would, perhaps, be better to say that in thos Memoirs the editor collected the many reminiscences then current of Madame du Barri and welded them into connected narrative.  The facts related are indisputably true, and their presentation through the medium of her personality, a personality which pervakdes the whole book, throws a light of its own upon that strange and tragic period immediately preceding the French Revolution.  The editor of this present volume has added an Epilogue, to round off as briefly as possible Madame du Barri's romantic story.

Memoirs of Madame du Barri

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