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1957, 1st edition; The projected invasion of England in 1940 - An account of the German preparations and the British countermeasures"; Simon and Schuster publishers, New York; hardbound with blue and grey boards and gilt lettering on cover and spine; many black and white photos; very good condition, appears unread; dust jacket, however, is in rough condition - see pic.


Operation Sea Lion -

Operation Sea Lion, also written as Operation Sealion (German: Unternehmen Seelöwe), was Nazi Germany's code name for the plan for an invasion of the United Kingdom during the Battle of Britain in the Second World War. Following the Fall of France, Adolf Hitler, the German Führer and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, hoped the British government would seek a peace agreement and he reluctantly considered invasion only as a last resort if all other options failed. As a precondition, he specified the achievement of both air and naval superiority over the English Channel and the proposed landing sites, but the German forces did not achieve either at any point during the war, and both the German High Command and Hitler himself had serious doubts about the prospects for success. A large number of barges were gathered together on the Channel coast, but, with air losses increasing, Hitler postponed Sea Lion indefinitely on 17 September 1940 and it was never put into action.

Operation Sea Lion by Peter Fleming

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