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1977 1st year edition; "What new discoveries reveal about the emergence of our species and its possible future"; E.P. Dutton publishers, New York; hardbound in ebony boards with gilt stamp lettering along spine; very good condition with unmarked pages; full of wonderful photographs and illustrations; dust jacket has minor dings on edges and moisture mark inside back of jacket - can't see this much unless jacket is removed.


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ORIGINS disputes popular writers who argue that human conflict has always existed, because, they say, aggression is deeply rooted in our genes.  Such a view has little to do with scientific facts, and Richard Leakey and Roger Lewin show that the key to the transformation of an ape-like creature intoa human being was the ability to share in a complex social context.  This quality of cooperation demonstrated by early man's long history of peaceful hunting and gathering - not unbridled human agression - is the basic feature of humanity.


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"In a skillful blending of texts and pictures--more than 100 in full color--we are able to see how and why our ancestors shared their lands with other primates with whom they were closely related, but who were destined to end up in evolutionary oblivion. Beyond the fossils and the tools that litter the path of human evolution, Origins explores the more elusive social and cultural conditioning that produced contemporary Homo sapiens."

Origins by Richard E. Leakey and Roger Lewin

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