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copyright 1911; A Thrushwood Book; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; no dust jacket.


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A 1911 original novel titled Peter and Wendy, often extended in Peter Pan and Wendy. The story of Peter Pan, a mischievous little boy who can fly, and has many adventures on the island of Neverland that is inhabited by mermaids, fairies, "Indians" (American-Indians), and pirates. The Peter Pan stories also involve the characters Wendy Darling and her two brothers John and Michael, Peter's fairy Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, and the pirate Captain Hook. The play and novel were inspired by Barrie's friendship with the Llewelyn Davies family. Barrie continued to revise the play for years after its debut until publication of the play script in 1928.

PETER PAN, The Story of Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie

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