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2020 "First Edition" stated on copyright page; Ballantine Books publishers; hardbound; very good condition of book and dust jacket.


description -

After the events of the first novel, the High Five have scattered across the globe: Aech is on vacation in Senegal with her fiancé, Bollywood singer Endira Vinayak. Shoto has taken over operations at GSS's Hokkaido division, and Samantha has flown back to Vancouver to pack up her belongings and say goodbye to her grandmother. To keep himself busy, Wade Watts decides to test out his new superuser abilities, a result of winning the competition that gives him control of the OASIS.


Wade finds an inscription on Halliday's Easter egg and after following directions, he finds the first operational ONI (OASIS Neural Interface) headset. This headset takes control of the user's mind and gives real world sensations inside of the OASIS...

READY PLAYER TWO, a novel by Ernest Cline

SKU: BS250
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