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1981; "Louis L'Amour Collection (hardcover) / September 1981"; Bantam Books publishers, Toronto, New York; feau leather bound with Louis L'Amour gilt signature on cover; bold gilt lettering along spine; very good condition with unmarked pages; no dust jacket.


description -

Val Darrant was just four years old the snowy night his mother abandoned him. But instead of meeting a lonely death, he met Will Reilly-a gentleman, a gambler, and a worldly, self-taught scholar. For ten years the each were all the family the other had, traveling from dusty American boomtowns to the cities of Europe-until the day Reilly's luck ran out in a roar of gunfire. But it wasn't a gambling brawl or a pack of thieves that sealed Will's fate. It was a far more complex story that Val would uncover, one that touched upon Val's nearly forgotten childhood, the woman who was Will Reilly's lost love, and the future of a growing country. In the meantime, Val would make sure no one forgot Will-least of all the men who killed him. But he need not have worried, for Will's enemies were now his own....

REILLY'S LUCK by Louis L'Amour

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