Rudder Grange; Frank R. Stockton; 1895; book interior very good condition, some minor motling on cover and small red discoloration on spine (see image); Charles Scribner's Sons  publishers.


Frank Richard Stockton (April 5, 1834 – April 20, 1902) was an American writer and humorist, best known today for a series of innovative children's fairy tales that were widely popular during the last decades of the 19th century.


"For some months after our marriage, Euphemia and I boarded. But we did not like it. Indeed, there was no reason why we should like it. Euphemia said that she never felt at home except when she was out, which feeling, indicating such an excessively unphilosophic state of mind, was enough to make me desire to have a home of my own, where, except upon rare and exceptional occasions, my wife would never care to go out."

RUDDER GRANGE by Frank R. Stockton