1942 4th printing; Kosmon Press publishers; Longon, Los Angeles; hardbound in burgundy textured boards with gilt stamped lettering on cover and spine (spine has some fading); very good condition with unmarked pages; no dust jacket.


From Forward -

Einstein and the famous Russian, Ouspensky (author of "Tertium Organum") believe that both future and past exist equally...that Time is the so-called fourthe dimension, an "element in which we are immersed," in which everything is relative and different.  Most of us assume that the present moment is the only reality, but these gentlemen - one a scientist, the other an author - say, "No.  The present is the most unreal of all, the mere blade of a knife between two endless eternities."  A distinction seems to be that we remember some of our past, but cannot "remember" the future...

Seven Years That Change The World 1941-1948 by Wing Anderson

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