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1987 "First Edition" stated on copyright page; Alfred A. Knoph publishers; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good.


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Sphere is a novel written by author Michael Crichton that was published in 1987. The novel was adapted into the film Sphere in 1998.  The story follows Norman Johnson, a psychologist engaged by the United States Navy, who joins a team of scientists assembled to examine a spacecraft of unknown origin discovered on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The novel begins as a science fiction story but quickly transforms into a psychological thriller, developing into an exploration of the nature of the human imagination.


A group of scientists (psychologist Norman Johnson; mathematician Harry Adams; zoologist Beth Halpern; astrophysicist Ted Fielding; and marine biologist Arthur Levine), along with U.S. Navy personnel, travel to a deep sea habitat at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, where an enormous spacecraft has been discovered.


During the descent, the marine biologist (Levine) becomes claustrophobic, and is returned topside. The other scientists arrive safely at Habitat DH-8. After their arrival and subsequent pressurization to the habitat's exotic-gas environment, the Navy sends a robot to enter the spacecraft first, which locates and opens a panel near the spacecraft door.

SPHERE, a novel by Michael Crichton

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