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1945 "First Printing" stated; Henry Holt and Company publishers, New York; smaller hardbound in sage green boards; quite good condition; no dust jacket; be sure to read the Description below since this appears to be a dramatic tale and may not be suitable for younger readers.


Description -

"Notice To The Reader" from page vii of book:

This book is not a document written in the spirit of fair play.  Its author is not an historian or sociologist, with the detachment of the scholar.  He is a German; he doesn't like us; he does like Germany and the spirit of Prussia, which he believes has made Germany great and may yet again make her a world power - and hense a world danger.  He writes bitterly and often impudently.  Little of what he has to say about the United States would appear either fair or reasonable to, say a Briton.  But he is speaking his mind and his emotions, with complete sincerity behind the impudence and flippancy of his style.  Most essential of all, he is describing something that may well be of life-and-death importance to the American people.  That something is the way the German people feel about the war just ended, about the United States, and indeed, about the whole Western civilization of which Germany herself is a part...

The German Talks Back by Heinrich Hauser

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