1957 1st edition, "Third Printing" stated; SIGNED BY AUTHOR on title page - has taped newspaper cutout obituary of author under signature - see pic; Little, Brown and Company publishers, Boston; hardbound in in green boards with gilt stamp decor on cover and gilt stamp decor and lettering on spine; quite good condition with unmarked pages; cover has minor bump to upper left corner - see pic; no dust jacket.


Description -

Sir Edward Coke - Lord Coke, his contemporaries called him - was Queen Elizabeth's Attorney General and Chief Justice under James, first Stuart King of England ... Coke's life covered a long span, a wide arc of time; with him the Middle Ages ended and today began. Coke was English law personified.


Sir Edward Coke was perhaps the pre-eminent jurist during the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James of England. He was the prime author of the Petition of Right, so this biography is simultaneously the story of the roots of our form of free government. But the man who rose to be the Chief Justice of England was eventually dismissed from the bench in disgrace.

The Lion and The Throne:The Life and Times of Sir Edward Coke by Catherine Bowen

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