copyright 1940; autographed by Harold Lamb on title page; The Literary Guild of America publishers, New York; hardbound with green decorative board and spine; nice maps inside front and back covers (see pic); owner's name inside (see pic).


Harold Albert Lamb (September 1, 1892 – April 9, 1962) was an American historian, screenwriter, short story writer, and novelist.



Summary -

The story carries one back to the so-called dark ages, when Asia flaunted a civilization far exceeding the western nations, when men on horseback swayed empires. The first quarter of the book builds up a vivid and colorful picture of the early history of these nomads of Asia's steppes; then comes in fuller detail, the story of Genghis-Khan, the interim period when his power was disputed by his sons and grandsons, following his death. Then the reign of Mangu-Khan,and the brilliant reign of Kubilai-Khan, the influence of the tribes on Europe, and the gradual recession. Legend and story and history skillfully interwoven, and told with such a ring of authenticity that one feels it is all true. A contribution to scholarship and at the same time a book which should appeal to adventure-loving boys.


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