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1969; A.S. Barnes and Co. publishers; hardbound; many, many b/w photos; very good condition of book and dust jacket.


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CAN YOU NAME THE MOVIE...where Chico and Groucho did the "Why a duck-viaduct" routine?where Zeppo, Chico, Groucho and Harpo all became Maurice Chevalier?where Harpo was a dedicated dog catcher with portable fire plugs and lamp posts as lures?If Marx Brothers trivia is a mania with you, you can probably answer all the above. But even the most meticulous Marxophile will find lots new to learn about the genius crew whose broadest slapstick was the subtlest satire. Read all about their methods, their best routines and the movies they made in this comprehensive, critical guide to their lives and careers.

THE MARX BROTHERS, Their World of Comedy by Allen Eyles

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