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copyright 1989; Donald I. Fine publishers, New York; hardbound with blue boards and black lettering on spine; very good condition of book, appears unread; dust jacket also very good.


Plot -

When Libya attempts to shoot down an American C-130 that was authorized to overfly its territory on a mercy mission, the Air Force responds with F-4E Phantoms, destroying a Libyan MiG.  An international crisis erupts, forcing the 45th Tactical Fighter Wing to be relocated from its new base in Egypt to an RAF base in England.  Two men in the wing responsible for downing the MiG find themselves in the hot seat - Jack Locke, a fighter pilot as good as he is cocksure; and Anthony "Muddy" Waters, a colonel who must find a way to revitalized the wing and ready it for combat...As the wing begins to show it can fight, the Ayatollah dies and the ensuing even more radical government, backed by the USSR, launches an attack into the oil-rich heartland of the Persian Gulf.  The wing is then quickly mobilized and sent into combat...


THE WARBIRDS by Richard Herman, Jr.

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