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copyright 1994; Random House publishers; hardbound; very good condition of book and dust jacket; original owners embossed stamp in front.


description -

At the close of World War II, Nazi scientist Ernst Kruger perfects a biological weapon he calls Der Weisse Hai ("the White Shark"). The weapon is packed in a casket-like box and loaded aboard a German submarine to escape the Allied capture of Germany. When the submarine is attacked and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean, all hands, including Kruger, and the box containing Der Weisse Hai are lost at sea.


Decades later, unsuspecting divers find the wreckage of the German submarine and recover the box, becoming the Great White Shark's first victims and inadvertently releasing it into the waters off Long Island, where it kills sea mammals, pets and random people. The novel's protagonist, a marine biologist named Dr. Simon Chase, examines several of the victim's corpses and concludes that the attacker can't be a sea creature, since its teeth and claws leave metallic traces.

WHITE SHARK by Peter Benchley (author of JAWS)

SKU: BS231
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